.Residential and
business premises

.Schools and

.Clinics and hospitals

.Old people’s homes, nursing homes and handicapped

.Medical firms
.Houses and flats
.Sports halls
.Swimming pools
.Public buildings
.Commercial buildings
.Trade-fair constructions
Residential and business premises
-Residential and business premises, Ried 10 in 99310 Arnstadt - Dry lining
Client: Wolfgang Klapproth, Arnstadt
-Residential and business premises Rüppel in Bad Hersfeld - Plastering and dry lining
Arch. Heber & Fuchs, Bad Hersfeld
-Residential and business premises in Nentershausen - Plastering and plasterboard work
Arch. Hess, Neuenstein-Mühlbach
-Residential and business premises in Friedrichroda - Dry lining
Büro Diegmann, Rotenburg/Fulda
-Residential and business premises in Creuzburg - Dry lining
Client: Stadtverwaltung Creuzburg
-Residential and business premises Credéstraße in Kassel - Dry lining
Client: Hochtief AG, Kassel
-Reconstruction business premises Max-Becker-Str. in Bad Hersfeld - Dry lining, Fire protection, Plastering, Demolition work and MF-Ceilings
Client: Hans Dickert, Cölbe
-Production- and officebuilding in Eisenach - Dry lining
Client: GIS GmbH, Am Goldberg 2 in Eisenach
-New building training-centre and reconstruction business premises in Kassel - Dry lining, Inside doors
Client: Firma Max Weishaupt GmbH, Schwendi
-New building of a business premises in Marksuhl - Ceiling lining
Client: Mack GbR, Baindt
-New building business premises, Heinrich-Hertz-Str. in Kassel OT Waldau - Dry lining
Client: Dr. Freitag / Dr. Mannewitz, 34125 Kassel
-New building administration and technology in Bad Hersfeld - Dry lining
Client: Fa. Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Leist, Bad Hersfeld
-Fa. Lipp, Dickenrücker Straße in Rotenburg/F. - Dry lining
Client: R.-W. Lipp GmbH & Co., Rotenburg/F.
-Extension of business premises Firma Günther in Bebra - Dry lining and inside doors
Client: V.W. Günther Mineralölhandelsgesellschaft mbH, Bebra
-DISS Computersysteme in Eisenach-Stregda - Dry lining
Client: Vollack Industrie- and Verwaltungsbau GmbH, Eisenach-Stregda
- New building of a business premisess in Kassel - Dry lining
Client: H. Strecker, H. Berger, Kassel